Comments from Readers of Loving Grief

“Paul’s book is an excellent and soothing source of continued wisdom.”

                                 Susan Zimmerman
                                 Author of Rays of Hope in Times of Loss

“Comforting, hopeful and uplifting! This beautifully written book is about love and loss, and about one man’s discovery of growing through loss and finding meaning in it….An inspiring book that will bring comfort and hope to anyone mourning the loss of a love.”

                                 Marty Tousley, CNS-BC, FT
                                 Bereavement Counselor
                                 Hospice of the Valley, Phoenix AZ

“Loving Grief is a sacred text, a guide to the mysteries of grief;… Paul Bennett has defined a space between the living and the dead where hearts can meet He teaches by example how to keep a broken heart open and growing in love. This book is good nourishment for anyone who is ready to go deeply into life and love.”

                                 KC Conway LCSW

“It is one of the best books I’ve read on the grief experience, and I wish that I could purchase hundreds of copies to give away whenever I hear of someone who is newly bereaved.”

                                 Betty Ann Rutledge
                                 Bereaved Families of Toronto

“Over the last few months, I have recommended your book many, many times…. my partner’s suicide uprooted my foundation and I am still rebuilding.   The concept of loving grief has allowed me to rebuild my foundation in love and not in pain.”

                                   [private letter]

 “Since reading his powerful book Loving Grief, I have spent time reflecting on each person I have lost to death with a new sense of appreciation.   Bennett’s words capture the experience and inspire me.”

                                 Miriam  Hawley,
                                 Co-author, Our Bodies, Ourselves

“Writing from the heart about grief, Paul Bennett tells his story from the depths of his soul. In Loving Grief Paul helps us to see that experiencing loving memories does not mean you cannot also love again. As he describes his experience of Bonnie’s continuing presence, Paul reveals insights into unexpected growth he finds within his grief.”

                                 Gretchen Gaines
                                 Bereavement Counselor

“I got two copies of Loving Grief and have given one to a friend who has just lost her father. She told me today that I must be an angel to have given it to her, it has helped so much.  Thank you for writing this treasure.”

                                      Barbara Pepper

“Thank you so much for your touching book, Loving Grief.  When it arrived, I stopped opening the rest of the mail and began to read with both tears and smiles.”

                                    [Columbus, Ohio]


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  1. Mike Russell / May 16 2010

    Coming out of the fog of grief myself a friend gave me this book to read. My identity was intertwined for 34 years with my wife. So when she left us my past life seemed to disappear. That thought was so well written in this book. I have since developed a future which includes of all things a blog on the journey on grief after a loved ones death. You can see it at

  2. gloria Oddo / Mar 8 2011

    Loving Grief was for me the answer for all my questions. I lost my husband 6 months ago and I never thought I could express the love and grief that I was feeling for him. Paul Bennett helped me to express my grief with no fear or shame. Your book was a pacifier for me. I undertood that my grief is the same size of my love for my husband. I wish I could talk to Paul and share my exprerience with him because I loved a unconditional love and this book helped me very very much on my grief. Thanks Paul.

  3. Linda Reeb / Aug 28 2012

    From the moment we found out my dad had lung cancer in Jan 2011, through his treatment then death in May, when we found out 10 days later mum had untreatable kidney cancer and left us on 27 Nov 2011, until now, I knew that I had to let myself really FEEL everything, totally and completely. There were days, weeks even where my grief was all consuming and it still lingers as a powerful force every day.

    My brothers have chosen to be angry and aggressive rather than walk with their grief and make friends with it as love for their parents. I have tried but finally had to accept they will walk their own truths and my agony at their betrayal of their parents values can’t change them one tiny little bit.

    Now, As I see my grief as the love I hold for mum and dad, I have taken a stand against their destruction and taken those first few steps out into the splendor of the field.

    The gifts they gave me which I must now use to forge the life they wished for me must first be used to separate me from the destruction being rained on me from my brothers.

    But I have a good man by my side, beautiful children at my feet and all the world before us. Thank you for affirming that my instincts to embrace my grief were right, even though our culture asks us to put it away after a few weeks and pretend nothing has changed. How absurd!

    Thank you for a chance or let my tears flow like a river and sit close with mum and dad for a few precious and ritualistic blessed hours.

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